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How traditional dance & culture is uplifting local communities in Rwanda

Some traditional dances and other cultural aspects are under threat of disappearance partly because owners can’t make a living from them to be able to preserve them. Ikiringo Isa Project seeks to provide support for local cultures while creating employment for locals. Grace Ingabire, Project Manager joins CNBC Africa for more.

RICTA urges more businesses to register ‘.rw’ internet domains in Rwanda

Despite Rwanda boasting of a more than 90 per cent internet penetration figures, the number of Rwandan hosted websites still lags behind when compared to her East African neighbours. In a bid to increase this figure the country's ministry of ICT through an umbrella organisation RICTA has launched a campaign to get more Rwandan businesses registered using the local domain ‘.rw’. To shed more light on this, CEO of Ricta, Grace Ingabire joins CNBC Africa for more.