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Assessing Nigeria’s strategy to curb foreign exchange abuse

In a circular, the Central Bank of Nigeria directed that Form M for Letters of Credit, Bills for Collection and other forms of payment should only be opened in favour of the ultimate supplier of the product or service. Reacting to this directive, the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry says while the policy attempts to curb abuses in the foreign exchange market, it would create more problems than it would solve. Muda Yusuf, Director-General of the LCCI joins CNBC Africa’s Christy Cole for this conversation.

LCCI on the need to save Nigeria’s courier operators from stifling regulations

The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called on the Nigerian government to address the regulatory regime stifling the growth of the courier industry.

COVID-19: How small businesses in Nigeria can mitigate the impact

With 782 confirmed cases in Nigeria, the COVID-19 induced-lock-down is taking a toll on economic activity and particularly the Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria. Muda Yusuf, Managing Director of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry joins CNBC Africa to discuss possible options to mitigate the impact.

LCCI on takeaways from border closure roundtable

The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) engaged stakeholders in Nigeria to assess the impact of the closed borders. Muda Yusuf, Director General of the LCCI joins CNBC Africa to share some insights from this engagement.

Weighing the impact of Lagos State’s restriction on motorcycles & rickshaws

It is now seven days since the Lagos government state began reinforcing restrictions on the commercial use of motorcycles and rickshaws in certain areas of the state. As commuters groan from the attendant inconvenience and affected investors explore downsizing. Lagos insists it will see the enforcement through, citing security concerns among others. CNBC Africa's Deborah Movoria reports.

LCCI reacts to the ban on motorcycles from Nigeria’s commercial hub

The Lagos Chambers of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), says the proliferation of commercial motorcycles and tricycles in Lagos state are manifestations of the shortcomings of the transportation system within the state. The statement was in reaction to the ban on commercial motorcycles and tricycles in most parts of Lagos state. Muda Yusuf, Director of General of the LCCI joins CNBC Africa for more.

Nigeria’s closed borders: Who wins?

Despite a continuous spike in inflation and complaints of revenue losses by businesses, Nigeria's borders will remain closed until January 2020. CNBC Africa’s Samuel Onalaru has more on this story.

LCCI speaks on customs clampdown on auto dealers

Nigeria Customs Service has been carrying out an investigative audit to check import duty payments by automobile dealers in Lagos and Abuja. This has been received with mixed reactions. Muda Yusuf, the Director-General of LCCI joins CNBC Africa for more.