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The economic cost of COVID-19 on South Africa

As South Africa settles into the second week of the COVID-19 lockdown many have expected the lockdown to be extended, if this is so, the economic repercussions for the country could be dire. Joining CNBC Africa to unpack the possibilities of economic stimulation and growth during and after the COVID-19 crisis is Jacques Nel, Head of Africa Macro-economic Research at NKC African Economics and Miyelani Maluleki, Economist at Absa Corporate and Investment Banking.

Op-Ed: Ethiopia – Abiy leads African appeal for relief actions

Acutely aware of Ethiopia’s vulnerability to the health and economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed urged “collective leadership and coordinated responses” to overcome the challenges posed by the unprecedented shock.

Op-Ed: African giants to stumble due to Covid-19 pandemic

NKC African Economics expects the coronavirus-related knock to economic growth in Africa’s three largest economies alone to shave off 1 ppt from the continent’s GDP growth this year, from 3.8% to 2.8%.

NKC African Economics on Uganda’s economic performance and outlook

Uganda has kept its benchmark policy rate unchanged at 9 per cent as the monetary policy committee looks to support economic growth. Vincent Phiri, Economist at NKC African Economics joins CNBC Africa for more on Uganda’s current economic landscape and 2020 outlook.

Mozambique decides: Here are the issues Mozambicans had in mind when voting

Mozambicans will gather at the voting polls today as the hotly contested elections kicked off this morning .The ruling Frelimo Party is expected to take the lead and extend its decades-long rule over the country.

Weak diamond demand weighs on Botswana’s growth

Gerrit van Rooyen, Economist at NKC African Economics joins CNBC Africa to look at Botswana’s market outlook ahead of general elections.

The key drivers to Africa’s economic growth

In the past, African economic growth has been mainly driven by public infrastructure investment and the expansion of services to a largely underserviced population. However, FinTech is increasingly receiving attention from both private and public sector, facilitating innovation in other sectors of the economy and allowing African nations to leapfrog more traditional infrastructure. Joining CNBC Africa for a look into Africa's growth is NKC African Economics Chief Economist Cobus De Hart.

Political stability key to EA’s economic growth prospects – Report

According to the recently released Economic Insights (Q4) report by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, political stability has been a key factor in the GDP growth of African countries, Francois Conradie, Head of Research at NKC African Economics joins CNBC Africa to look at the role of political stability in the growth of East African economies in 2018/19.