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#SpecialBudget2020: Will finmin Mboweni’s emergency budget meet expectations?

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni’s warning of a bleak budget sets the tone of what is to come from Wednesday’s speech. Receiving a R173 billion boost from the New Development Bank, having to reprioritise R130 billion to fund part of the government’s stimulus package, billions of relief programmes that has paid out and many more standing with cupped hands asking for help, what else can we expect to come out from Wednesday’s budget? Nolan Wapenaar, Co-Chief Investment Officer for Anchor Capital and Bernard Sacks, Tax Partner at Mazars joins CNBC Africa for more.

Where Anchor Capital is putting its money in 2020

Anchor Capital’s strategy and asset allocation for the first quarter of 2020 is out. The asset manager says the global economic expansion has surpassed what many expected and fears of a recession have receded. However, not all countries are benefiting equally, and it appears that this year will see greater gains in emerging markets than in developed nations. Nolan Wapenaar, Fund manager, Anchor Capital joins CNBC Africa for more.