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How COVID-19 is impacting Nigeria’s pensions industry

Monthly data from Nigeria’s pensions industry shows that the country’s total pension fund assets stood at 10.6 trillion naira as at April this year with Federal Government Securities weighing 66.25 per cent of the total pension fund assets. The data also showed that new retirement savings account grew 85 per cent less in April 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. Pabina Yinkere, Chief Investment Officer at Sigma Pensions joins CNBC Africa for more.

Do these 4 things in your 30s if you want to be richer in your 40s, money experts say

You may find yourself juggling a lot financially in your 30s, like purchasing a home, switching jobs, and even having children. Here are four money moves you can make in your 30s that experts say can leave you wealthier in your 40s.

The 10 biggest mistakes people make regarding their pension

Don’t be that person who is dependent on your kids to look after you once you stop working.  This article outlines the 10 biggest mistakes people make regarding their pensions, and how...

Will S.A's 2017 Budget bode well for retirement savings?

Commentators expect a rise in personal income tax rates and the marginal rate of tax, with high earners likely to be affected the most.