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Vegans want to change the workplace … and it all starts in the kitchen

As veganism grows in popularity around the world, there is increasing pressure for employers to catch up and make the workplace more inclusive.

Steve Jobs: ‘Technology is nothing’—here’s what he said it really takes to achieve great success

It’s been eight years since Steve Jobs passed away on Oct. 5, 2011, but his lessons about life, work and success still live on today. In a 1994, the Apple co-founder sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone. Here’s what he said it really takes to achieve great success.

Suzy Welch: Why working from home can be terrible for your career

The flexibility to work remotely is a perk many workers dream of having. But according to bestselling management author and CNBC contributor Suzy Welch, working from the comfort of your home or coffee shop can easily become “a career killer.”

60% of male managers now say they’re uncomfortable participating in work activities with women

Senior-level men say they are 12 times more likely to be hesitant about one-on-one meetings with a junior woman than they are a junior man. Here's why...

How Continental Tyre’s values are creating value

For Continental Tyre, it is critical for its employees to know and understand how wealth is created and distributed.

5 workplace changes South African companies must adopt by 2020

Linda Trim | Giant Leap Successful companies the world over are making the necessary shift of recognising the value of the workplace as a business tool to help hire and keep the best talent.  Linda...

The 5 best cities for millennials to start their careers

Brian Roberts | CNBC Contributor Millennials don't have it like the boomer generation. Compared to our predecessors, the cost of living is higher, taxes are higher and decent paying jobs are scarcer. Without the...

The love affair: young Nigerians & disruptive mobile technology

Technology is inspiring young Nigerian entrepreneurs to create businesses that could not have existed in the past.