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Abiy Ahmed put Ethiopia on the road to democracy: but he still has a lot to do, here’s why

It’s two years since a surprise leadership change took place in Ethiopia.

Op-Ed: Africa locks down: No time for test runs

“Italy has given the rest of the world a tragic glimpse of what a lockdown needs to look, especially for countries that blink and fail to take action fast,” writes former Director of Communication and External Relations at the African Development Bank Group, Dr. Victor Oladokun.

Op-Ed: Ethiopia – Abiy leads African appeal for relief actions

Acutely aware of Ethiopia’s vulnerability to the health and economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed urged “collective leadership and coordinated responses” to overcome the challenges posed by the unprecedented shock.

U.S. to offer financial support for this East African country’s political reforms

The United States will provide financial assistance to the East African country as it pursues political reforms.

One of Africa’s last strongmen, Daniel Arap Moi dies at 95

Leaders from across the East African Community and worldwide have commiserated with the Kenyan people following the passing of the country's longest serving President Daniel Arap Moi. Moi, a former schoolteacher who ruled Kenya for 24 years, becoming the country’s longest-serving president had been in hospital for over a month. Presidents from the East African region took to social media to eulogise Moi. Joining CNBC Africa for more is journalist, Joseph Bonyo.

IMF and this East African country reach preliminary agreement on $2.9 billion financing package

The staff of the International Monetary Fund and the East African government have reached a preliminary agreement for a three-year, $2.9 billion financing package to support the African country’s economic reform program.

Designer Mahlet Afework talks entrepreneurship, Africa’s fashion industry

Last week as social media lit up in reaction to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's Nobel Peace Prize win, Addis Ababa was also in the throws of the 9th edition of the Horn of Africa Fashion Week which featured local designers and fashion houses from around the region. The event drew attention but in a country that has grand aspirations of growing its clothing revenues to $30 billion a year, how is the industry fairing so far at large? Fashion Designer, Mahlet Afework joins CNBC Africa for more.

Egypt, Ethiopia to hold talks over Nile dam hydropower dispute

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed are set to meet in Russia to discuss a dispute over a hydropower dam that Ethiopia is building on the River Nile, which has caused a long-running diplomatic standoff. Ethiopia aims to provide electricity to homes of its 105 million citizens and Egypt wants a steady supply of water for its 98 million citizens. Global Chairman at Fairfax Africa Fund (US), Zemedeneh Negatu joins CNBC Africa for more.