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Sudan PM Abdalla Hamdok unveils political and economic reforms

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok announced long-awaited economic and political reforms that aim at rescuing the country’s economy and keeping its civilian transition on track. CNBC Africa spoke to Akol Dok, Africa Political & Economic Affairs Analyst for more.

COVID-19: Ugandan unions demand reopening of economy

Workers unions demand reopening, public outcry as a health official doesn’t don a mask and Boda Boda drivers sue the Ugandan government; these are the headlines making news in Uganda. Analyst and Chief Strategist at Impact Communication Strategies, Ken Agutamba joins CNBC Africa for more.

South Sudan leaders reach key deal on control of states

African Union sanctions for unpaid dues, desert locusts wreaking havoc on agriculture and a promising new deal on State allocation meant to enhance local trade; these are the stories making news in South Sudan. CNBC Africa spoke to analyst, Akol Dok for more.

South Sudan set to resume oil production in block 5A

Last year, petroleum minister Awow Daniel Chuang of South Sudan announced that the country will resume the oil production in Block 5A and add more than 15,000 barrels to the current daily crude output of 178,000 barrels. The country sets to start oil production by the end of this year. South Sudan has made progress on Interstate highway after signing an agreement with Shandong Hi-Speed Group last year to build a 392-kilometer highway that will run northwards from the capital city Juba. Political and Economic Affairs Analyst, Akol Dok, joins CNBC Africa for more on this.

South Sudan relaxes COVID-19 lock-down measures

It's been a week since South Sudan's Civil Aviation reopened airports and announced the resumption of domestic and international flights in line with the presidential directive to ease COVID-19 lockdown measures; but as reports fly about the country's Vice President Riek Machar and his wife testing positive for the virus; will the phase down efforts still stand? Political and Economic Affairs Analyst, Akol Dok joins CNBC Africa for more.

How South Sudan is responding to the economic shock of COVID-19

Prices and demand for oil have been seeing a dramatic decline globally, so what does this mean for a country whose economy depends on the commodity? And how does that factor into South Sudan’s budget allocations pertaining to the nation’s fight against COVID-19. Africa Political and Economic Affairs Analyst, Akol Dok joins CNBC Africa for more.

COVID-19: Can South Sudan afford to take on another crisis?

Over the weekend South Sudan confirmed their first and second cases of COVID-19. The country's much anticipated oil licensing round has been postponed and various measures are underway to control the spread of the virus, but with a country that has seen hard times in the recent past in the form of civil war and extreme weather, are these measures enough to protect the country's most vulnerable and high risk people? And in a country whose economy depends heavily on oil, how will they afford to recover from this? Akol Dok, Africa Political and Economic Affairs Analyst joins CNBC Africa for more.

An assessment of the impact of floods in South Sudan

Extreme flooding has devastated South Sudan, with the UN reporting that some one million people have been displaced, and Oxfam reporting that the floods have caused livestock and crops to be destroyed; and schools and health clinics to be closed. Analyst, Akol Dok joins CNBC Africa for more.