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SA corporates using AI to hire

AI expert, Jared Molko joins CNBC Africa to speak about the Future of Artificial Intelligence and the possibilities that are available for generations to learn from.

Cortex Logic’s Jacques Ludik on the latest AI trends your business should know

Artificial intelligence is a central factor for South Africa's move into the fourth industrial revolution. CNBC Africa is joined by smart technology entrepreneur and Artificial Intelligence expert, Jacques Ludik.

How natural language generation will transform the way companies operate

In Africa, major organisations have started to use Artificial Intelligence in their daily business operations. To unpack more about business intelligence and data analytics in the world of Artificial intelligence CNBC Africa is joined by Sherlock Holmes, CEO and President of Genware Computers Systems.

2019 TransUnion technology trends for Africa

Artificial intelligence, 5G and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is presenting some interesting views and challenges of how human nature will mature and adapt to these evolutions. CEO of TransUnion Africa, Lee Naik has penned his take on 'Digital with a purpose'. He joins CNBC Africa to talk about his analysis of these trends for 2019.

5 tech predictions for 2019

In 2019, it’s not the technology that matters – it’s the thinking behind it.

Op-Ed: How artificial intelligence is spearheading unprecedented change in Africa

The continent, and the world, is on the brink of an era of heightened technological capabilities and empowerment. Artificial intelligence will transform organisations, societies, and economies fundamentally remaking the world.

Quantum computing will be a game changer for industries in the next few years, here’s why

The Gartner Symposium and IT expo Africa is driving digital transformation and shaping the future of IT and business. The event hosts more than 25 African and global solution providers to uncover new ways to approach digital challenges. Joining CNBC Africa for more is Vice-President of Research and Chairman of the Gartner Symposium, Brian Burke.

Understanding the impact of artificial intelligence on SA businesses, jobs

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to double South Africa's economic growth according to Accenture analytics. According to research businesses that operate in sectors such as manufacturing through to agriculture will benefit the most from adopting Artificial Intelligence. Joining CNBC Africa for more is Hans Zachar, Managing Director, Accenture.