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Prudential Authority offers relief measures, guidance to South African banks amid COVID-19 crisis

As households and businesses in South Africa struggle to cope with the current economic turmoil and uncertainty brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Prudential Authority (PA) has welcomed the measures taken by banks to support their customers financially.

Nigeria seeks to improve turnaround time for COVID-19 testing & results

Nigeria’s Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed, says the federal government plans to engage insurers for special products for healthcare workers.

COVID-19: Nigeria plans to evacuate citizens abroad

Some Nigerians stranded abroad have asked to be brought back home as the COVID-19 outbreak bites harder across the world. Nigeria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked all its missions abroad to compile a list of willing Nigerians who want to come back home. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Chairman and CEO of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission joins CNBC Africa for more.

South African banking index falls over 4% after SARB advises against dividends

South Africa’s banking index opened 4.3% lower on Tuesday, a day after the country’s central bank said it had advised lenders not to pay dividends or bonuses amid the coronavirus outbreak.

COVID-19: These are the relief measures SA’s government is offering farmers

South Africa is a net exporter of food but with lockdown and COVID-19 some farmers are finding it difficult to cope financially.

How a billionaire gamer built a pandemic-proof business | Make It International

Business is booming for gaming giant Razer, as large swathes of the globe stay indoors to combat the coronavirus. CNBC Make It’s Karen Gilchrist spoke to the company’s self-made billionaire co-founder, Min Liang Tan, to hear how he’s pivoting his brand in response -- and what it could mean for the future of entertainment. ----- Subscribe to us on YouTube: Subscribe to CNBC International TV on YouTube: Like our Facebook page: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter:

SA’s COVID-19 lockdown: Icasa to release emergency spectrum

Icasa will release emergency spectrum to help mobile operators meet the spike in demand for broadband services due to many people working at home during South Africa’s 21 day lockdown. Acting Chair of the telecoms regulator, Keabetwse Modimoeng joins CNBC Africa for more.

Coronavirus May Cause The U.S. To Vote From Home

As states and jurisdictions move elections later in the calendar and call for voters to request absentee ballots, the country faces the possibility of holding a presidential election in the middle of a pandemic. » Subscribe to CNBC:

SA’s COVID-19 lockdown: 14000 companies apply for UIF assistance

South Africa’s 21 Day lockdown has forced many companies to shut during the period. As a consequence, many people have had to take unpaid leave while some may not have a job waiting for them when the lockdown lifts because of the fragile state of the economy. Teboho Maruping, Commissioner of the Unemployment Insurance Fund spoke to CNBC Africa on how government is helping?

Rupert fund overwhelmed by duplicate applications

Applications for the Rupert family’s R1 billion small business fund, now known as The Sukuma Relief Programme opened on Friday. To find out what the response has been CNBC Africa is joined by Mark Paper, Chief Operating Officer at Business Partners International.

Fitch on adapting ratings methodology for COVID-19

On Friday ratings agency Fitch downgraded South Africa further into junk status saying government didn’t have a clear plan to stabilise rising debt levels. However, institutions like the IMF say African countries should be allowed to increase debt to GDP ratio’s to contain the economic fallout from Covid19. Should ratings agencies therefore revise their methodology to adapt to Covid19 times? Jan Friederich, Head of Middle East and Africa Sovereign ratings at Fitch joins CNBC Africa for more.

How COVID-19 is impacting genocide commemoration events in Rwanda

As Rwanda prepares for the Genocide Commemoration week while being in lock down, CNBC Africa is joined by Christian Ntwari, Managing Director of Our Past, to tell us more on this year's plan for the event and how coronavirus pandemic is going to affect the event.

How the Bank of Kigali is tackling the COVID-19 crisis

Rwanda's leading bank, the Bank of Kigali has announced their contribution to the country's relief efforts in a statement outlining concessions they're making for vulnerable clients, and the fund of over $296,000 that the institution will be handing over to the Government to oversee distribution of cash and supplied to families affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Bank of Kigali CEO, Diane Karusisi joins CNBC Africa for more.

South Sudan confirms first case of COVID-19

South Sudan is the latest African country to confirm its first case of COVID-19. The virus is having profound and serious impact on the global economy and has sent policymakers looking for ways to respond. Parek Maduot, Director of Economic Development &Regional Integration, at the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region joins CNBC Africa for more.

African Development Bank President denies allegations of ill-governance

Replying to an article recently published in the French newspaper, “Le Mond”, President of the African Development Bank, Akinwumi Adesina, has denied allegations questioning the transparency and governance systems of the bank.

Nigeria outlines COVID-19 fiscal response

Nigeria’s Finance Minister, Ahmed Zainab has announced some fiscal measures aimed at cushioning the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy. Emmanuel Odiaka, Managing Director and CEO of ECOB Capital joins CNBC Africa to assess these measures and review Nigeria’s fixed income and forex market.

Nigeria PMI slips 47.9 in March with COVID-19 & falling oil prices as negative drivers

FBNQuest says Nigeria’s March PMI slipped to 47.9 index point in March adding that the negative drivers are the spread of the coronavirus internationally and the crash in oil prices. Chinwe Egwim, an Economist at FBNQuest joins CNBC Africa for more....


Here’s what’s driving market volatility after the global stock rout

While Thursday’s stock market was fueled by the rapid global spread of the coronavirus pandemic, and U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement of travel restrictions from Europe, markets today are painting an inconsistent and chaotic picture.

We are now in a bear market — here’s what that means

It’s helpful to know what a “bear market” is, because based on history it looks like we could be here for a while.

Nigeria: Declining market, COVID-19 concerns affecting investor sentiment negatively

The rout on the equities market in Nigeria continues for the fifth straight session today as sell sentiments continue. Tunde Oyekunle, Head of Investment Banking at PAC Capital joins CNBC Africa to review the equities market....

Is the U.S heading towards a recession?

Fears of a U.S recession has been looming in the markets over the past few weeks. Many believe that the U.S is already in recession territory with the U.S 3 month Treasury bill being above the 10 year since May, this has been an indication of a recession in the past. Joining CNBC Africa for more is and how it could possibly impact African markets is Charles Robertson, Global Chief Economist at Renaissance Capital.


Moody’s downgrades SA to junk

The action will result in South Africa's expulsion from the World Government Bond Index (WGBI), as a consequence those funds tracking this index as a benchmark will become forced sellers.

South African economy enters recession, what you need to know

South Africa entered its second recession in two years in the final quarter of last year, as agriculture, transport and construction contracted, data showed on Tuesday.

African Development Bank Rebuts World Bank President’s comments on Africa’s debt profile

African Development Bank Group (AfDB)

In several news reports, World Bank President David Malpass was recently quoted as saying some Multilateral Development Banks, including the African Development Bank (, have a tendency to lend too quickly and in the process, add to the continent’s debt problems.

Download Document: http://b

Sustainable Development, Sustainable Debt: Debt must acquire assets that generate social & economic returns – Amadou Hott

Senegal’s Minister for Economy, Planning and International Corporation, Amadou Hott, says when African countries borrow, they have to make sure the debt is mostly used for acquiring assets that generate both social and economic returns. CNBC Africa's Kenneth Igbomor caught up with him on the sidelines of IMF's International Conference in Senegal which focused on sustainable development and debt sustainability.

Op-Ed: SA’s is on an unsustainable economic path, these are the urgent interventions needed

Lungisa Fuzile, Chief Executive of Standard Bank South Africa examines what action needs to take place to fix SA's economy.


How Absa is gearing up to respond to client needs in transactional banking

Absa Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) says it is stepping up its capabilities in Transactional Banking to respond to ever changing client needs.

Equities dip further as FY earnings trickle in: Nigerian market watch

Nigeria’s equities market extended losses from Monday weighed down by the Banking and oil and gas sectors. Dare Fajimolu, Chief Research Officer at Blue Vertex joins CNBC Africa for a recap of today’s trade.

Zimbabwe’s largest bank CBZ issues bonds under scheme to raise funds for maize, soy farming

Zimbabwe's largest bank CBZ launched two bond issues on Monday, seeking to raise $80.6 million to finance maize and soybean farming, as the country faces another drought that could worsen an already dire economic situation.

Mukwandi Chibesakunda on expanding financial inclusion to the unbanked

Banking of the previously unbanked is seen as an opportunity for banks on the continent, a task that Mukwandi Chibesakunda, as the first female CEO of the National Savings and Credit Bank is out to ensure. On this issue and her journey to the top, she joins CNBC Africa for more.

Here’s how Absa is planning to take you further into Africa than ever before

Now in its third year, the Absa Africa Financial Markets Index evaluates financial market development in 20 countries across the African continent and the improvements show the progress being made within the financial markets.


Nigerian banking index gains but industrial goods sector declines

Investors are taking a keen interest in banking stocks today but the Industrial goods sector is facing a steep decline. Dare Fajimolu, Chief Research Officer at Blue Vertex joins CNBC Africa for a recap of today’s trade.

Nigeria to tap into its sovereign wealth fund to fight COVID-19 crisis

Nigeria plans to withdraw $150 million from its sovereign wealth fund as part of its fiscal stimulus measures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Michael Ango, the Associate Director; Tax Advisory and Regulatory Services at Andersen Tax joins CNBC Africa to assess Nigeria's response to the pandemic.

South African COVID-19 Tourism Relief Fund open for applications

In a bid to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on South Africa’s tourism sector, the Department of Tourism is urging eligible small, micro and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs) to apply for a share of the R200 million Tourism Relief Fund.

Shoreline Group: Why the Saudi Arabia, Russia meeting delay is a good thing

Brent crude futures have climbed since Friday on hopes that Saudi Arabia and Russia will hold talks and eventually strike a deal to cut output. Ahead of the crucial meeting, Kola Karim, Chairman of Shoreline Group joins CNBC Africa for more.

Growthpoint SA CEO on the business impact of COVID-19 lockdown

As the economy faces one of its toughest battles yet, one industry that is feeling the brunt of the economic fallout is the property sector. Last week the South African Real Estate Investment Trust Association made an urgent request to the National Treasury for provisional relief of the REIT tax rules and joining CNBC Africa for more is Estienne de Klerk, SA REIT Chairman and CEO of Growthpoint SA.

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South Africa

How ride hailing service Bolt is adapting to the COVID-19 lockdown

Ride hailing service Bolt is revving up its services to help fight against the COVID-19 spread, the company has established an Isolated Cars category to ensure individuals can choose their choice of space in a car as well as a Bolt Business Delivery service which helps essential services deliver their goods during the COVID-19 lockdown. Gareth Taylor, Country Manager for Bolt South Africa joins CNBC Africa for more.

FNB extends aid for battling SMEs in South Africa amid COVID-19, lockdown

Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic and 21-day lockdown faced by South Africans, First National Bank has announced additional measures to assist small and medium-sized enterprises battling with funding in the country.

SA chef takes his skills to social media as COVID-19 hurts business operations

Clinton Verhoog , Owner and Chef at The Chairmans Choice and Owner of Delectables Catering and Events joins CNBC Africa to discusses how he has conquered the stress and financial anxiety that has hit his catering and private chef services by keeping busy on social media as he creates cooking tutorials online during the COVID-19 lockdown.

COVID-19: Old Mutual on the need for private sector capital for African infrastructure

Paul Boynton, CEO of Old Mutual Alternative Investments joins CNBC Africa to discuss the need for private capital investment amid the current economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the greater need for private sector financing after the pandemic passes.

COVID-19: Moody’s downgrades Zambia from stable to negative

Africa will tread a tough road ahead as ratings agencies throw its iron fists upon African countries amid the COVID-19 crisis and economic disruptions impact private sector activity in Sub- Saharan Africa. Ridle Markus, Africa Strategist at Absa Corporate and Investment Banking joins CNBC Africa for more.


Nigeria applies for IMF’s rapid credit facility

Nigeria's Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning; Zainab Ahmed says Nigeria has applied for the International Monetary Fund's Rapid Credit Facility. Minister Ahmed however stressed that Nigeria does not intend to negotiate or enter into any IMF program at this time. Tilewa Adebajo, CEO of CFG Advisory joins CNBC Africa to asses Nigeria’s response so far and more.

COVID-19: Lagos reviews measures to protect communities

As Nigeria records more Covid-19 cases with Lagos having the highest number of cases, Lagos state Governor Babajide Sanwoolu says there is a need to review its measures to ensure communities are better protected.

Expo 2020: Dubai as a springboard for doing business in Africa

Dubai based Phanes Group is an end-to-end solar power provider operating across Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. CEO Martin Haupts says the Phanes Group is a truly Dubai home-grown company. CNBC Africa's Chris Bishop caught up with him in Dubai and asked how Dubai is serving as a springboard for the company and their work in Africa.

Op-Ed: Why the COVID-19 pandemic is no time for fiscal distancing

"Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. As such, it can no longer be business as usual".- Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank

COVID-19: Nigeria delays electricity tariff hike for 3 months

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission says there will be no tariff action in April, as the proposed increase in electricity tariffs initially slated for today has been delayed for three months. Nigeria's electricity regulator also notes that tariffs will only be raised as the Distribution Companies improve the quality of supply, meter customers and agree with consumers on rates. George Etomi, Director of the Eko Electricity Distribution Company joins CNBC Africa for more.


Ethiopia closes door on M-Pesa, only local companies allowed

Ethiopia has shut the door for foreign mobile phone companies like Safaricom, which had hoped to introduce its popular M-Pesa mobile money transfer platform in the market of 100 million people. According to the central bank, only allow locally-owned non-financial institutions would be allowed to offer mobile money services as it seeks to boost non-cash payments. Writer and Analyst Samuel Getachew joins CNBC Africa for more.

Here’s how this Finnish financier is helping African companies weather COVID-19 crisis

Finnfund and Kasha began their negotiations in February of this year and as they were completed, the COVID-19 crisis had already begun to take full effect in the region. By chance, the partnership still made sense; but for a crisis that's been ravaging the global economy, how will COVID-19 impact operations for an investment firm that focuses on financing private companies in developing countries? Investment Manager, Johanna Raehalme joins CNBC Africa for more.

COVID-19: Healthtech company Kasha receives $1mn investment to expand Africa footprint

Women's health focused e-Commerce company, Kasha, has received a $1 million investment from Finnish financier, FinnFund. Originally the investment was to be used to increase the company's presence in Rwanda and Kenya, and to support its expansion into other African countries, but now with the COVID-19 crisis wreaking havoc worldwide, how will the company use this timely investment to contribute to relief? Kasha Founder and CEO, Joanna Bichsel joins CNBC Africa for more.

How Africa can avert a COVID-19 triggered food crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted supply chain and trade and thereby restricting access to food. Now experts have warned that there is a risk of food crisis if measures to protect the vulnerable and keep food supply chains live are not taken. Agricultural Economist and Food Systems expert Dr. Kirimi Sindi joins CNBC Africa for more.

Rwanda gets $109mn from IMF for COVID-19 fight

In Rwanda, IMF has confirmed that it has approved $109.4 million in credit to help address the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, The City of Kigali and Nyarugenge District Authorities have shifted some food trading activities from city markets to Nyabugogo Bus Park to decongest marketplaces, and RwandAir is working on launching cargo flights in the coming days to respond to demand in movement of good. CNBC Africa is joined by Hudson Kuteesa, Journalist with The Newtimes for more.


The harsh realities of being an entrepreneur. He first had to deal with the dot-com crash, now his coffee business is being hit by...

Entrepreneur Jonathan Robinson saw his dotcom dream disappear overnight, he awoke from the nightmare to smell the coffee only to suffer COVID-19.

Kenya, US start talks on trade agreement

The US Trade Department has started negotiations on a comprehensive trade agreement with Kenya in a move that will extend Kenya’s preferential access as the current trade arrangement under the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) closes in 5 years. If successful, the United States would forge its first bilateral trade accord with a sub-Saharan African country. Grant Harris CEO, Harris Partners LLC joins CNBC Africa for more.

Tracking movements shaping the Kenyan market space amid COVID-19 crisis

In Kenya, Foreign investors withdrew about $106 million from the Nairobi Securities Exchange in February and March, leading to a sharp fall in the value of blue chip stocks like Safaricom and Equity Bank Group. Also, Moody's has warned that measures put in place to shield Kenya’s banks from disruptions associated with the coronavirus outbreak, might not hold should the situation worsen. Rodney Omukhulu, Assistant Investments Analyst at Cytonn joins CNBC Africa for more.

Here’s how young Cameroonians are banding together to fight COVID-19

A group of young Cameroonians has taken the COVID-19, bull by its horns. Andrew Tangang and his organisation decided to be at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus by trying to develop solutions so as to protect their community.

How the COVID-19 lockdown is impacting Uganda’s economy

On Tuesday of this week Uganda began their total lockdown for an initial period of 14 days, Analyst and Chief Strategist at Impact Communication Strategies, Ken Agutamba joins CNBC Africa for what the immediate impact of these measures have been on the lives and economy of the country.

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Africa Press Office

Coronavirus – Uganda: Update on the COVID-19 outbreak in Uganda (7 April 2020)

Download logoToday, all the 150 samples tested were NEGATIVE for COVID-19 at the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI). The total number of COVID-19 confirmed cases in the country still stands at 52. A cumulative total of 3,310 samples have been tested for COVID-19. The number of individuals under institutional quarantine has reduced from the original 1040 to 613 as of today. A total of 427 individuals have been discharged from institutional quarantine. In addition, 855 contacts of the confi

Coronavirus – Rwanda: Update on COVID-19 Coronavirus – 7 April 2020

Download logoNo new coronavirus case was identified today, out of 806 samples tested. The total remains 105 (of whom 7 have recovered). All patients are under treatment in stable condition in designated health facilities. The majority are asymptomatic, and no patient is in critical condition. Heightened vigilance continues to be required. The extension of the enhanced prevention measures announced by the Government of Rwanda must be rigorously observed. Any Rwandans or leg

Coronavirus – Africa: COVID-19 Surveillance Update – 7 April 2020 5:00 p.m

Total number positive cases in Africa 10,252 52 countries 492 deaths 989 recovery cases by Region African Union Member States (52) reporting COVID-19 cases (10,252), deaths (492), and recoveries (989) by region:  Central (950 cases; 33 deaths; 34 recoveries):  Burundi (3; 0; 0), Cameroon (650; 9; 17), Central African Republic (9; 0; 3), Chad (9; 0; 1), Congo (49; 5; 2), DRC (180; 18; 9), Equatorial Guinea (16; 0; 1), Gabon (30; 1; 1), Sao Tome & Principe (4; 0; 0)

Coronavirus – Nigeria: Life in quarantine after detecting Nigeria’s first COVID-19 case

Download logoHe turned up with flu-like symptoms at a medical centre in Ogun state in the southwest of Nigeria. Dr Amara Allison, who was on duty, examined the patient and ordered that he be isolated immediately. She had just diagnosed Nigeria’s first COVID-19 patient. Along with four health workers and 35 other people who had been in contact with the country’s index case, Dr Allison was placed on a 14-day quarantine. She recounts her experience staying indoors for a fortnight. 

Former Director of State Oil Assets and Entrepreneur Appointed to Lead African Energy Industry Lobby in the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (“CEMAC”)...

The African Energy Chamber ( has appointed Leoncio Amada Nze, Founder & CEO of APEX Industries, as its Executive-President for the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (“CEMAC”) which is made up of six states: Gabon, Cameroon, the Central African Republic (CAR), Chad, the Republic of the Congo and Equatorial Guinea. Leoncio is based in Malabo where he will act on behalf of the Chamber across all public and private sector energy initiatives in the r

Coronavius: Sudan – UN: COVID-19 response in Sudan requires coordination so lifesaving aid can continue

Download logoAmid the largest global challenge since World War II, 23 UN organizations call on Sudan’s government to facilitate the provision of humanitarian assistance in Sudan to the most vulnerable people in Sudan, including to contain, test and treat COVID-19. UN and partners reached over 7 million people in need in 2019.  We plan to reach 6.1 million people in need in 2020. “If not properly coordinated, aid delivery may be delayed or fail to go ahead as a consequence of

Coronavirus: Africa CDC Dashboard brings timely and factual updates on COVID-19

Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) remains committed to bringing you timely & factual information on the COVID-19 outbreak in Africa. Check our new Dashboard via & social media pages for regular updates & other resources on COVID-19.Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC).Media filesDownload logo

Coronavirus – Nigeria: Statement by IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva on Nigeria

Download logoMs. Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued the following statement:   “Nigeria’s economy is being threatened by the twin shocks of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated sharp fall in international oil prices.  President Buhari’s administration is taking a number of measures aimed at containing the spread of the virus and its impact, including by swiftly releasing contingency funds to Nigeria&rsquo

Coronavirus – Somalia: 8th case of Coronavirus confirmed in Somalia

Download logoThe Ministry of Health & Human Services, Federal Republic of Somalia confirms the 8th case of coronavirus in Mogadishu. This is a 58 year old male of Somali citizen with no travel history. Total confirmed: 8 Recovered : 1 Deaths: 0Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Ministry of Health, Somalia.


Telkom, Samsung team up with South African government to track those with COVID-19

South Africa’s Telkom, Samsung and the government have teamed up to develop a track and trace database to identify the whereabouts of people who may have contracted coronavirus.

Are SA retailers & suppliers hiking prices amid COVID-19 crisis?

Since panic buying reigned on South Africa amid the national lockdown, the Competition Commission has received more than 500 complaints against retailers and suppliers that have excessively hiked up the prices of essential items. Joining CNBC Africa to unpack more is Hardin Ratshisusu, Deputy Commissioner of the Competition Commission.

Record 6.6 million Americans file for unemployment benefits as COVID-19 crisis deepens

Data has revealed that more than 6.6 million people in the United States filed for unemployment benefits last week; this comes on the back of the country having the highest confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the world and is experiencing devastating economic repercussions from the virus outbreak. Joining CNBC Africa to unpack it all is Ryan Patel, Global Business Executive and Senior Fellow at Drucker School of Management.

SA’s banks reveal how small businesses can apply for the R1bn Oppenheimer fund

Three of South Africa’s major banks have revealed to CNBC Africa how small businesses can apply for funding from the South Africa Future Trust. This is what they had to say.

SA coffee shop feels the wrath of the COVID-19 lockdown

As South Africa is currently in a national lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak one of the many issues that businesses face is the decrease in customers and supply disruptions; one such company facing the wrath of the lockdown is a coffee shop called Bean There, the owner Jonathan Robinson is now looking at big South Africa retailers such as Pick ‘n Pay, Spar & Takealot to keep afloat. Jonathan joins CNBC Africa for more.

How Airlines Are Trying To Protect Passengers From Coronavirus

Health officials say air travel is causing viruses and bacteria to spread around the world faster than ever before. Airlines, at the center of the coronavirus epidemic, have come under intense scrutiny for the safety and cleanliness of their cabins.

Lockdowns, curfews and doorstep testing: Africa’s crackdown on the coronavirus

By: Elliot Smith KEY POINTS The Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa...

The fight to keep 4.1 million Zimbabweans fed in COVID-19 lockdown.

Another problem for food security is the fact that lockdown has closed down tens of thousands of schools from Lilongwe to Lagos. For many hungry school children in Africa, school is only place they can be sure of a hot meal.


Op-Ed: Africa locks down: No time for test runs

“Italy has given the rest of the world a tragic glimpse of what a lockdown needs to look, especially for countries that blink and fail to take action fast,” writes former Director of Communication and External Relations at the African Development Bank Group, Dr. Victor Oladokun.

Op-Ed: Ethiopia – Abiy leads African appeal for relief actions

Acutely aware of Ethiopia’s vulnerability to the health and economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed urged “collective leadership and coordinated responses” to overcome the challenges posed by the unprecedented shock.

Op Ed: Why you shouldn’t make your investment decision based on panic during market volatility?

Content supplied by Forex Brokers SA Financial Markets around the world and across Africa are currently highly volatile due...

Op-Ed: Victor Oladokun on why Africa urgently needs an Ubuntu Plan

“Africa urgently needs a globally coordinated Ubuntu Plan in response to COVID-19, a fiscal stimulus that recognises our shared and connected humanity, as we find ourselves in the midst of an unprecedented crisis,” writes Victor Oladokun.

Op-Ed: African giants to stumble due to Covid-19 pandemic

NKC African Economics expects the coronavirus-related knock to economic growth in Africa’s three largest economies alone to shave off 1 ppt from the continent’s GDP growth this year, from 3.8% to 2.8%.

Captains of Industry