Tanzania – Will Magufuli bulldoze his way through the elections?

The media nicknamed him ‘Bulldozer’, or ‘Tingatina’ in Swahili, initially because of his directives as the minister of public works, but the name has stuck due to his aggressive ways as president.

Opinion: Open Letter to President Buhari of Nigeria

President Buhari, this is an urgent call from those who gave you this mandate: tell the armed forces to stand down and stop shooting at or killing unarmed Nigerians. Undeniably, the lives of young Nigerians are being shed in hopes of a better Nigeria, which you chose to serve.

DÉJÀ VU – In tragic vein: Wole Soyinka on Nigeria’s unrest

The mood, and climate of protest changed abruptly, and devastatingly with that diabolical intrusion. For the first time, anger and nihilism entered the lists, moving to dominate emotions.

COVID-19 crisis is pushing us to refocus priorities, says Bank Vice President Quaynor in Global Infrastructure Forum event on infrastructure project preparation

“Never waste a crisis, advised VP Quaynor. “One of the potential positive impacts of this crisis is it’s pushing all of us to really focus priorities. And also make sure that we build quality infrastructure that maximizes the positive impacts to the economy and we also build it to withstand natural disasters, pandemics and epidemics going forward.”

Analysis – why Ghana is no longer the poster child for African economic reform

Ghana can boast about its successes, but troubling government finances have been the norm, with fiscal slippages regularly occurring in election years.

Moves to help Somalia – IMF statement.

Washington, DC:  A staff team from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), led by Allison Holland, held discussions with the Somali authorities during a virtual mission from September 12—22, 2020 on the...

Recovery in tourism ? Think digital

Tourism Trends in 2020 outlines digitalisation and sustainability to drive the industry post Covid-19.South African tourism recovery is dependent on funding for small medium enterprise and transformation.

COMMENT: Green revolutionaries to boost African growth

The pandemic disguises the reality that agriculture in Africa has much to be proud of. In South Africa, for instance, maize production this year is expected to be more than 30% higher than in previous years –and digitalisation is transforming the sector.