OPINION: Can India replace China as the manufacturing and tech hub

India has a better geo-political standing however it has not fully harnessed these relationships for the political (including resolving issues with Pakistan) or economic advancement. India has joined WTO since its foundation, but even now its total trade volume is less than Hong Kong.

OPINION: Inside Zimbabwe’s $3.5 bn deal for farmers- Ben Freeth

Assuming these legal aspects are able to be sorted out, what about the amount being agreed? Under international law it is unquestionably a very poor deal. Heinrich Von Pezold did a full claim under international law due to a bilateral investment treaty and was awarded a sum of close to 200 million US dollars. Admittedly he was a large Investor, but if the same criteria of international law were used for the rest of the farmers, the bill would be at least 5 times the current amount - and probably considerably more.

OPINION: World experts gather for African ‘fireside chats’ to tackle humanity’s challenges

All webinars are moderated in consultation with dedicated ADI staff members who manage the G-CoP platform and help to produce relevant knowledge products that respond to the unprecedented impact of the pandemic on global, regional and national health systems and economies. Our objective is to build more resilient African economies in the post COVID-19 world.

Mental health legislation could help Nigeria survive COVID-19

A lack of research on Nigeria’s mental health demographics has contributed to it being a low priority among policymakers and inadequately funded. The largest nationally representative study on general mental health in the country was published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2004 — over 15 years ago!

These are the 10 most discussed tech topics during COVID-19

An analysis of 150 million media articles revealed how the technology discourse has shifted during COVID.This shift reveals a need to grapple with the immediate health crisis and could mean...

Andrew Mlangeni, a working class young lion of Africa

outh African youth must embrace transformative constitutionalism and at the heart of it, is a commitment to substantive reasoning, to examining the underlying principles that inform laws themselves and judicial reaction to those laws. Ethics, Practical wisdom and courage is required from all South Africans alive, to build a better future for generations to come.

COMMENT: G20 Debt relief: a push for multilateralism in a increasingly fragmented world

When French President Emmanuel Macron made his first trip outside Europe since the COVID-19 lockdown,he chose to visit Mauritania for the G5 Sahel summit. The Sahel region of Africa is...

Nine ways to decarbonize the South African energy sector

Policy-makers need to retool fossil fuel dependent states and systems, to retrain workers in order to ensure that the transition is just, to plan for new sources of tax revenue and to hold back from investing capital in assets which are likely to be stranded by the transition. Eskom and coal companies must start training a pool of their staff for the just transition or renewable energy materials and management of systems. Transformation must be communicated to all staff in time and have a decade or two decade plan that will make ease to tailored programmes to shape human capital to the decarbonized future economy.