Op-Ed – Uzoma Dozie: How Nigerians can unlock their potential in the digital age

Nigerians are a global force bursting with potential and an enviable track record of success. But in a more complex and fast-paced world than ever before, many of us struggle to find the time or have the ability to fulfil their potential.

Op-Ed: Jubilee, Kanu formalise coalition as internal battles rage in Kenya

A coalition deal has been formalised between Jubilee and the once-powerful Kenya African National Union (Kanu) – they notified the Registrar of Political Parties, Anne Nderitu, on May 4.

Op-Ed: How Africa can boost its blue economy

During the Coronavirus pandemic, it has been at the heart of global supply chains and will no doubt be vital in recovery efforts.

Op-Ed: Why Africa cannot afford an extended hard lockdown in the COVID-19 crisis

To find a balance between containing the virus and maintaining a semblance of economic activity will require a different approach.

Op-Ed: How Angola can use its industries to fight COVID-19

Zandre Campos examines what we can learn from past epidemics and how a country's industries can help to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

Op-Ed: Rumours of a CFA franc devaluation in West & Central Africa dispelled

“There has been considerable uncertainty and speculation about the capacity of both the West African Economic and Monetary Union (Waemu) and the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa’s (Cemac) to absorb these shocks and to protect the value of their respective regional currency pegs to the euro,” writes economist, George Ott.

Op-Ed: Africa’s people-led approach to combat COVID-19 shows signs of progress and leadership

In its fight against the spread of COVID-19, our continent faces a massive challenge that requires unprecedented levels of unity and coordinated action. These are the actions the African Union is taking to fight the pandemic.

COVID-19: How will we recover?

By Nic Wolpe The world has become a surreal Hollywood movie. As Shakespeare said: “all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”...