Platinum, palladium, rhodium prices seen down in 2024 despite deficit, Metals Focus says

Polina DevittMon, May 13th 2024

IMF and DR Congo reach agreement on final review of loan deal

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World Bank chief expects rich nations to meet African donation requests

Duncan MiririTue, Apr 30th 2024

IMF chief warns of emerging market risk with high U.S. interest rates

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WEF president: ‘We haven’t seen this kind of debt since the Napoleonic Wars’

Matt ClinchMon, Apr 29th 2024

Inflation in key African economies to slow into next year

Vuyani NdabaThu, Apr 25th 2024

High global food prices may finally see a bottom in 2024, says Oxford Economics

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IMF, World Bank steering committee stresses accountability as reforms advance

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Sub-Saharan Africa incomes falling further behind rest of world, says IMF

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Oil jumps 3%, spot gold hits record high after Israel launches strike in Iran

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Battle for development cash heats up at IMF/World Bank meetings

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IMF says South Africa needs a debt ceiling as public debt spirals

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IMF Board backs key change to lending-into-official-arrears policy

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IMF upgrades global growth forecast as economy proves ‘surprisingly resilient’ despite downside risks

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Gold is shining ‘bright like a diamond’ and could hit $3,000, says Citi

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