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OPINION:Remaining Positive in Crisis

There is nothing worse than witnessing the soulless profiteering from the misfortune of others.

How Ghana plans to fight COVID-19 pandemic

Health authorities in Ghana have confirmed two more COVID-19 cases at the Noguchi Memorial Institute of Medical Research, bringing the total confirmed cases to nine. Ghana Health Services says both cases are imported – the first a 56-year-old man who returned from the UK a week ago and the second, a 33 year-old Ghanaian who returned from a conference in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dr Frank Serebour, Vice President of the Ghana Medical Association joins CNBC Africa to discuss the resilience of Ghana's healthcare system to contain the pandemic.

Captains of Industry: In conversation with the world’s first ever AI minister Omar Bin Sultan Olama

CNBC Africa talks to the world’s first ever Artificial Intelligence minister Omar Bin Sultan Olama about how new technology can increase knowledge and help prevent car accidents.

UAE to use Rwanda as gateway into Africa: What mutual benefits could this yield?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is setting its sights on taking advantage of Rwanda's inland port as a hub into Central and West Africa. H.E Hazza Mohammed Falah Kharsan Alqahtani, UAE Ambassador to Rwanda joins CNBC Africa's Arnold Kwizera for more.

Rwanda’s key cash crop gets boost with state-of-the-art Tea factory

Rwanda has unveiled a state-of-the-art Tea factory in Western province that is expected to process 4 million kilograms of tea every year to boost export earnings from the country’s key cash crop. Moreover, Rwanda and United Arab Emirates (UAE) are in a drive to increase business linkages between the private sectors of the two countries following a visit by a high level delegation from the Middle Eastern country to Rwanda. Julius Bizimungu, Journalist at The New Times Rwanda joins CNBC Africa for more.

UAE looks to Africa as re-exports market

Since the early 2000s Dubai state has become less reliant on oil as the state set its sights on ambitious economic diversification. The diversification has led the financial center of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to look to Africa as a potential re-exporting market. To discuss the country's economic ambitions in Rwanda, UAE's Ambassador to Rwanda, Hazza Mohammed Falah Kharsan Alqahtani joins CNBC Africa's Arnold Kwizera for more.

Understanding the broader impact of investing in Rwandan cricket

Over the weekend the Rwandan Cricket Association Premier League (RCAPL) for 2019 began, and with it came the announcement of the renewed partnership that they have with Unimoni, former UAE Exchange, as the title sponsor for the league for the 6th year in a row. During the launch the sponsors sited their belief in sports as a powerful tool for social change. President of Rwandan Cricket Association, Eddy Balaba joins CNBC Africa for more.

South Africa signs extradition treaty with UAE that could target Gupta brothers, what you need to know…

The Indian-born brothers - Ajay, Atul and Rajesh - have been accused of using their ties with Zuma to siphon off billions of rand in state funds.